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Friday, December 19, 2008

Filtering by collection properties

The Search capability needs to be able to handle collection properties. Here is a proposal for how we might do it.

Add four new filter types:

* SOME: Takes another filter as the value. SOME evaluates to true if the specified filter evaluates to true for at least one element in the collection specified by the property.

* ALL: Same as SOME except that the filter must evaluate to true for all elements in the collection.

* EMPTY: Takes no value. True if
(a) the property is NULL,
(b) the property is a collection and it is empty, or
(c) the property is a string and it is the empty string ("")

* NOT_EMPTY: Inverse of EMPTY

Here are some examples:

Use case: projects that I am a member of

- if projects.members is a list of people

search.addFilterSome('members', Filter.equal('', me));
search.addFilterSome('members', Filter.equal('id',;
These filter options would produce HQL something like this:

from Project p
where exists (from p.members m where m = :me)
[or optimized using inverse relationship]
where exists (from p.members m where m = :me)
- if projects.members is a list of ProjectMember many-to-many relationship class which in turn has an id component with 'project' and 'person' properties

search.addFilterSome('members', Filter.equal('id.person', me));
where exists (from p.members pm where = :me)

Use case: project has members

where size(members) > 0

Use case: project has at least one of the given members

search.addFilterSome('members','', us));
where exists (from p.members where m in (:us))

Use case: project has all the given members

search.addFilterSome('members', Filter.equal('', member1));
search.addFilterSome('members', Filter.equal('', member2));
search.addFilterSome('members', Filter.equal('', member3));
// I ran this and the subX_'s don't seem to be needed, but I might include them just in case.
where exists (from p.members sub1_m where sub1_m = :member1)
and exists (from p.members sub2_m where sub2_m = :member2)
and exists (from p.members sub3_m where sub3_m = :member3)

Use case: project has only the given members

search.addFilterAll('members','', us));
//same as not some (not condition)
where not exists (from p.members m where m not in (:us))

Use case: project has only members with top-secret clearance

search.addFilterAll(Filter.greaterOrEqual('clearance', TOP_SECRET));
where not exists (from p.members m where not (m.clearance >= :TOP_SECRET))
where not exists (from p.members m where (m.clearance is null or m.clearance < :TOP_SECRET))

Use case: project has fewer than 4 members

search.addFilterLessThan('members.size', 4);
where members.size <>

Use case: project has me as primary member

search.addFilterSome('members', Filter.and( Filter.equal('id.person', me), Filter.equal('primary', true) ) );

where exists (from p.members m where = :me and m.primary = 1 )

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